Dr. Aleksandar Obradovic’s Precision Immunotherapy Research

Dr. Aleksandar Obradovic, associate research scientist in the Department of Systems Biology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, has been recognized with a 2023 Michelson Philanthropies & Science Prize for Immunology Grand Prize award for his essay “Precision Immunotherapy – A Mechanistic Approach to Overcoming Treatment Resistance”.

Dr. Obradovic’s approach delivers a tailored combination of drugs to treatment-resistant cancer patients, with the potential to significantly improve immunotherapy efficacy.

The $30,000 prize is recognition of Dr. Obradovic’s research in a field that could have a profound impact on patient outcomes.

Learn more about his research here.

About Michelson Philanthropies & Science Prize for Immunology:

The Michelson Philanthropies & Science Prize for Immunology is a $30K Grand Prize and $10K Finalist Prizes awarded annually to support promising early career investigators focused on transformative research in human immunology, with trans-disease applications to accelerate vaccine and immunotherapeutic discovery.

The 2024 Michelson Prizes will look for research aimed at tackling the current roadblocks that exist in human vaccine development and expanding our limited understanding of key immune processes that are fundamental to successful vaccine and immunotherapy development.

For more information about the prizes, please visit https://www.michelsonmedicalresearch.org/michelson-philanthropies-science-prize.