Determined Voices: Ariana Aparicio Aguilar, Santa Rosa College Alumna

Explore the journey of Ariana Aparicio Aguilar, an alumna of Santa Rosa Junior College, in the Determined Voices series. Arriving in the United States from Mexico City at 4, Ariana’s formative experiences began in preschool, including adapting to a new culture.

Despite the challenge of learning English, Ariana found support from bilingual teachers during her early education. Encouraged by her uncle to attend a community college, she pursued higher education. She is currently a graduate teaching assistant at UC Riverside, working towards a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration & Policy.

Ariana’s message is clear: persistence is key to achieving educational goals in the U.S., whether it involves mastering English at a community college or pursuing passion-driven courses. She emphasizes the importance of supportive instructors and professors who guide students through their academic journey.

With support from Michelson Philanthropies and FoundationCCC, the Determined Voices series showcases stories of immigrant women who have had successful careers through California community colleges.

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