Dr. Michelson: To Be a Successful Inventor, Deconstruct the Status Quo

The DaVinci Hour’s Episode 32 podcast with Dr. Maxwell Cooper features Dr. Gary Michelson discussing his physician-inventor career, funding early-career scientific investigators, and a new center for immunology research in California.

In this DaVinci Innovators+ podcast episode, Dr. Maxwell Cooper interviews Dr. Gary K. Michelson about his career as a physician-inventor and the invention process.

Dr. Michelson practiced spine surgery for over 25 years while at the same time inventing numerous spine surgery devices, resulting in over 950 patents worldwide. He went on to start a number of philanthropic organizations grouped under Michelson Philanthropies that focus on medical research, education, animal welfare, and intellectual property.

Dr. Michelson tells the listeners about his invention process, how he balanced being a full-time practicing surgeon and a prolific inventor, and how he commercialized his inventions. Dr. Michelson provides advice for aspiring inventors and how physicians can utilize their clinical experience to identify clinical needs and develop innovative solutions.

Lastly, Dr. Michelson discusses his current philanthropic work, including how his foundations are funding young scientific investigators and a new center for immunology research in California. Listen to the full episode below: