Homeboy Industries Implement Pathways from Prison to College

Video credit: Michelson 20MM

In this webinar series, Michelson 20MM and Homeboy Industries discuss how Homeboy Industries is implementing California’s Best Practices: Pathways From Prison to College anti-recidivism strategies to support currently and formerly incarcerated students.

Moderator Brittany Morton (Associate Director of Education, Homeboy Industries) kicks off the smart justice discussion with team panelists Johanna Carbajal (Board Liaison, Homeboy Industries), Laura Electa Hayes (Academic Program Manager, Homeboy Industries), Gennell Lewis (Academic Program Assistant, Homeboy Industries),  Edin Madrid (University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) undergraduate student, Homeboy Industries alumni), and Mynor Mendez (Academic Program Assistant, Homeboy Industries).

Visit Michelson 20MM for additional information about the Smart Justice Initiative program, or contact Kenia Miranda Verduo (Smart Justice Program Manager) at kenia@20mm.org.

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Dec 18, 2023 | 20 Million Minds, Media