Leap Venture Studio Cohort 6 Demo Day

The Leap Venture Studio & Academy is the first startup-centric program built to springboard innovation in the growing pet ecosystem. This year, we welcomed another 7 companies to the Studio in our sixth class. The startups have been working closely with the Leap partners over the past 12 weeks, and the Leap Venture Studio culminates today with this online pitch event, our virtual “demo day”.

This program also marks a very special first for Leap. For this sixth studio, we extended our reach to exclusively engage UK and EU-based companies and bring Leap’s unique range of resources to the European U pet care startup community.

Here are the startups in Cohort 6 of the Leap Venture Studio:

Moggie (UK) invented the world’s first health monitor that uses AI technology to translate cat actions and behavior into human dialogue and understanding — all to improve cat health.

Marleybones (UK) is redefining fresh dog food by offering meals with the nutritional benefits of a home-cooked diet served in a convenient pantry- and planet-friendly packaging.

Rex (Germany) is building and operating beautiful next-generation veterinary clinics.

People Who Kaer (Germany) creates natural supplements that are highly effective and address the most common health issues which dogs face throughout their life.

Petty Well (France) offers natural meals for pets, perfectly adapted to their needs, with a home delivery system, in the form of an ultra-flexible subscription for both cats and dogs.

HiPets (Poland) is a two-sided marketplace for pet services, that helps pet professionals in time & resources planning for all upcoming visits and makes pet parents happier with petcare experience.

Learn more about Leap at https://www.leapventurestudio.com/.

Dec 15, 2022 | Media, Michelson Found Animals