Leap Venture Studio Demo Day Features Cohort 8 Pet Startups

Earlier this year, Leap Venture Studio welcomed its eighth cohort of pet startups to its accelerator program. The program concluded with Leap’s annual Demo Day on June 13, 2024.

Along with $200K in venture capital funding, each startup receives expert guidance in growing their business and direct support and attention from industry leaders.

The founders outlined their businesses during the event and explained why they entered the pet care space. Unsurprisingly, the startups were often inspired by the founders’ connection with a beloved pet.

Cohort 8 Pet Startup Demo Day Pitches

Here are the seven pet startups that presented on the Demo Day:

Leap Venture Studio Demo Day - Cohort 8 Pet Startups

  • Innovative Pet Lab is a science-driven pet wellness company empowering the pet community with at-home tests. Their products are backed by case studies and advanced clinical research.
  • Omni was founded by veterinarians on a mission to create a healthier and more sustainable pet food that doesn’t compromise on flavor or price. Their plant-powered, planet-friendly food will satisfy even the most discerning dogs.
  • Scooch is a pet health subscription service for the new generation of pet parents that sprung up in the wake of COVID. The AI-powered technology allows pet parents to take control of their pet’s health with a holistic approach and 24 hour virtual support from vets.
  • WIMBA creates custom orthotics and prosthetics in minutes thanks to its WIMBA AI and 4D Printing Technology. With only a 15-second video scan, you can speed up your pet’s recovery by creating an orthotic designed precisely for its physiology.
  • BestyBnB is the first social impact company to be included in a Leap cohort. BestyBnB bridges the gap between human social services and animal welfare agencies and helps keep people and pets together. By partnering with other programs, BestyBnB finds safe and confidential temporary housing for pets until they can be reunited with their people.

Learn more about the accelerator program on the Leap Venture Studio website.

Since 2018, Leap Venture Studio has supported startups committed to improving the lives of pets and their owners through science, technology, and innovation. Launched as a partnership between Michelson Found Animals and Mars Petcare, Leap Venture Studio has invested in 45 companies across 15 countries.

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Jun 17, 2024 | Media, Michelson Found Animals