Michelson 20MM Shorts: A Day in the Life of Student Parent Elizabeth

Michelson 20MM YouTube Shorts: A Day in the Life of a Student Parent ElizabethVideo credit: Michelson 20MM

The Michelson Pregnant and Parenting Student Initiative works to increase support for pregnant and parenting students at California colleges and universities.

In California, 20% of all undergraduates—486,454 students—are parenting college students, and 181,182 are single mothers. In this series highlighting a day in the life of a college student, students share their experiences of navigating college while managing the responsibilities of parenthood.

Elizabeth says one of the hardest parts about being a student parent in college is accepting that she can’t do everything. For Elizabeth, this will often mean choosing between basic needs for college students, such as household tasks, or studying for a final.

The challenges, however, can be worth it: single mothers in California who graduate are 61% less likely to live in poverty than a high school graduate. Visit the website to learn more about the programmatic and policy efforts in support of pregnant and parenting student rights: https://20mm.org/pregnant-and-parenting-student-initiative/.

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