The Power of Connectivity: How Internet Innovators are Closing the Digital Divide

As COVID-19 brought the urgent need for rapid and comprehensive connectivity solutions to the fore. In response, inventors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and other innovators from public and private sectors collaborated to rapidly develop technology and strategic partnerships for universal, affordable broadband internet access. During the next Connecting California event, a panel of bold, pragmatic experts will share their work and learnings from building solutions that can close the divide for all students, educators, and families.

In August 2020, Michelson 20MM launched its Connecting California learning series, which convenes the public, private and philanthropic sectors. Connecting California seeks to strengthen collective understanding of the history and root causes of the “digital divides”–the economic and educational gaps created by inequitable access to high-speed internet, computing devices, and digital literacy resources. Featuring business leaders, digital equity practitioners, philanthropic investors and policymakers, Connecting California provides a forum that speaks to different facets of the complex landscape for building digital equity solutions at national, state and local levels.

May 20, 2021 | 20 Million Minds, Media