Tribal Broadband Bootcamp: Fostering Digital Sovereignty in Tribal Communities

By the Michelson 20MM Foundation

The Michelson 20MM Foundation is proud to launch the Digital Equity in Tribal Communities Project, a new multi-year effort to address digital inequity in indigenous communities. This project looks to empower tribal nations with the knowledge, tools, and means necessary to access the internet and the opportunities that come with it.

We aim to center the voices, expertise, and wisdom of tribal leaders in our efforts because the solutions for the challenges faced by the community must come from those most knowledgeable of the community’s needs.

In partnership with the Institute for Local Self Reliance, we have created this series to provide tribal communities with resources to establish and maintain broadband networks and help their communities connect to the economic, health, education, and civic engagement opportunities to thrive.

These bootcamps align with the Michelson 20MM Foundation’s philosophy of affecting catalytic change and centering community as the foundation for that change. The convenings foster digital sovereignty and center tribal communities as the source for solutions to digital inequity on tribal lands.

Jun 15, 2022 | 20 Million Minds, Media