The Education Trust-West Shares Why Student Parent Data Matters

Video credit: Michelson 20MM

On December 13th, Michelson 20MM hosted The State of Pregnant and Parenting Students webinar with guest panelists The Education Trust-West.

In this series, Dr. Christopher Nellum (Executive Director, The Education Trust-West) and his team share how California State Universities are improving student-parent data collection.

Dr. Nellum, Issac Alfaros (Research and Data Analyst), and Maya Valree (Policy Analyst, Parenting Students) provide a preview of the California Student Parent Data Collection Landscape Analysis Project report. They also identify the following 12 questions to answers that are currently unknown about pregnant and parenting students in California:

  • Who are our parenting students?
  • What interesting identities do they hold?
  • What brought them to the institution?
  • Where are our parenting students? (campus and regionally)
  • What are their academic pathways?
  • What financial aid are they receiving?
  • What institutional supports are needed?
  • Do they have familial (chosen or otherwise) support?
  • Do they know of helpful campus services? Are they accessing those services?
  • Do they have supportive staff and faculty around them?
  • Are they involved on campus?
  • Do they feel welcome and at home on campus?

Read Michelson 20MM’s recap of the conversation and visit the Michelson 20MM Student Basic Needs program for information on how to support their current work.

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Dec 22, 2023 | 20 Million Minds, Media