Are California’s Most Vulnerable Communities Benefiting from the $6B Broadband Investment?

Public Policy Institute of California Spark Grant

By Michelson 20MM Foundation (Originally published on

Through the Broadband Trailer Bill, SB 156, $6B was allocated to expand broadband infrastructure in California and also included funding to improve access to broadband. A historic investment, SB 156 allocated $3.25B to middle mile broadband infrastructure, $2B to broadband last mile support, and $750M to the state’s loan loss reserve fund.

In addition to the state’s funding, the Federal Funding Account (FFA) also provides $2B for local communities to enhance last-mile connections. As California implements the 2021 legislation and takes massive strides towards digital equity, the next two years will be pivotal in ensuring the funding is used effectively. In fact, earlier this year, the state was slated to complete its 10,000 middle-mile network optimization decisions, which has the potential to serve millions of Californians.

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), a Michelson Spark Grantee, will leverage their 2023 Spark Grant to analyze the implementation of SB 156.

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