Michelson Found Animals’ Better Neighbor Project Honors and Serves Veterans and Their Pets

Michelson Philanthropies and its network of foundations extend their heartfelt thanks to the men and women who have served in our nation’s armed forces. Their commitment, dedication, and sacrifices are the bedrock of America’s storied history.

Michelson Found Animals recognizes that pets play a significant role in the lives of many veterans before, during, and after their service. Pets provide companionship, support, and unconditional love, which can significantly benefit veterans returning to civilian life.


A veteran’s dog receives a free grooming service during a pet resource event at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Campus.


A recent 2022 study by the University of Washington found that 22% of veterans have a service animal to help with their daily lives, which is a testament to the vital role that service animals play in the lives of many veterans. The study also found that veterans with service animals are more likely to be employed and have a higher quality of life than veterans without service animals.

The experience of returning to civilian life can vary widely for veterans. Some experience a smoother return home, while others struggle to adjust to a life that can lack the regiment and immediate community of military life. Michelson Found Animals believes we can support veterans by offering and supporting their access to pets.

That’s why the Michelson Found Animals program Better Neighbor Project proudly partners with local elected officials and veteran affairs organizations, such as Merging Vets & Players, and other institutions, like Brentwood School, to support our veteran community and their pets.

The foundation works with local Los Angeles chapters of the US Veterans Affairs Department, including partnering during their Stand Down events, where veterans can receive complimentary pet wellness services, pet food, clothing, and other resources.

The benefits of the human-animal bond are well documented, and veterans are no exception. Pets help reduce stress, fight off depression, combat loneliness, and encourage exercise and activity—all of which can positively impact a veteran’s life.


Better Neighbor Project staff and volunteers during a pet resource event for Veterans in Los Angeles.


On this Veteran’s Day, we honor the men and women who have served our country and the pets who bring them comfort and companionship. Thank you to all our veterans for their service!

To learn more about the Better Neighbor Project volunteer program, visit the Michelson Found Animals website.


Watch: The Better Neighbor Project Partners with the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center and Local Animal Welfare Organizations for Pet Wellness Day

Nov 10, 2023 | Michelson Found Animals, News