Michelson Found Animals Celebrates 15 Years of Saving Pets and Enriching Lives

Michelson Found Animals celebrates their 15 years of work in the animal welfare space and they are just getting started for more.


Michelson Found Animals 15-Year Anniversary


Michelson Found Animals is celebrating 15-years of saving pets and enriching lives. Since 2005, Michelson Found Animals (MFA) has pursued a powerful mission – to save pets and enrich lives. A decade and a half later, there is plenty to be proud of, including:

  • More than six million microchips placed in pets, all at an affordable price, so lost pets have the best possible chance of finding their way back home.

  • Over 25,000 adoptable pets placed in loving homes in Los Angeles. This includes over 7,500 foster kittens who need the most care.

  • Over $11 million in grants awarded to get and keep pets out of shelters, making MFA the largest grant funder of surrender prevention in Los Angeles.

  • Over $17 million in grants awarded via the Michelson Prize and Grants in Reproductive Biology, in search of a non-surgical spay/neuter alternative for dogs and cats.

And we’re just getting started.

Learn more about how MFA champions pets at every point they intersect with society.

Jan 3, 2021 | Michelson Found Animals, News