Education in Kenya: The Michelson Philanthropies Grant to MicatoAmerishare

Micato-AmericaShare Grant

In 2022, Michelson Philanthropies founder Dr. Gary Michelson and co-chair Alya Michelson visited Mukuru in Nairobi, Kenya, where they met with community leaders and toured local schools. To support students and further their commitment to education, the Michelsons have provided a grant that purchased computers for a community center and given five children access to top boarding schools.

Access to education is not only crucial for children in Mukuru, but it can also have a broader impact on families and the community at large. The $28,500 grant awarded to the nonprofit Micato-AmericaShare has already allowed five local children to attend schools such as Kangundo Junior Academy, Ken Academy Primary School, and Madaraka Primary School. The grant also purchased 20 computers for the Harambee Center Computer Lab, a community resource with a library and educational programs. The Computer Lab hosted over 12,500 users last year, and the grant will help the facility impact even more lives in 2023.

The five children sponsored by the Michelsons each have their individual favorite subjects at school, but they all share an undeniable love for education. The Michelsons are proud to support Alpha Muthoni Mwangi (7), Esther Akinyi (11), Evance Otieno (10), Sweetlyve Kahendi (11), and Regina Muthoni (8).

The new computers at the Harambee Centre Computer Lab will strengthen the resources available to the wider community of Mukuru. One program, a computer literacy class, had a sign-up list of over 150 students. These students learn the fundamentals of operating computers, including learning how to create an email account, browse the internet, create documents, and use of different functions in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The next computer literacy class, beginning in May, has already garnered a considerable amount of interest from potential students.

The impact of the grant was made possible by Micato-AmericaShare. The nonprofit was founded over 35 years ago and is dedicated to helping populations in Nairobi, Kenya, affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. AmericaShare has fostered tremendous progress by providing a bridge between children and women in need and people wishing to make a meaningful difference in Africa.

Sponsoring a child through Micato-AmericaShare supports the child as well as their family and community. The donation covers all the expenses for one year of a boarding school education, including tuition, room and board, uniforms, shoes, bedding, books, toiletries, and school supplies for each student.



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May 22, 2023 | Michelson Philanthropies, News