Michelson 20MM Foundation: Monthly News Roundup – September 2023

Multiethnic students studying on college campus

Photo credit: Keira Burton (Pexels: @keira-burton/)


By Michelson 20MM Foundation (Blog posts originally published on 20mm.org)

The Michelson 20MM Foundation is widening access to education by advocating for open educational resources, broadband development, and policies that support vulnerable students throughout the state, including students impacted by the carceral legal systemHere are a few recent highlights from the foundation:


A Renewed Commitment to Build a Prison-to-University Pipeline: Inspiration from the Prison-to-University Conference

In early August, Michelson 20MM sponsored the second annual Prison to University Conference. The event featured workshops and talks on establishing structured routes from the prison system to higher education. Speakers discussed legislative challenges and showed how a pipeline would reduce recidivism, benefiting both former prisoners and society.


A Conversation with Dr. Adrian Huerta, Former Student Parent, on Shifting Perspectives and Assumptions on Parenting Students

Dr. Adrian Huerta, an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education, recently spoke with Michelson 20MM Senior Program Manager Dr. Queena Hoang about his experiences as a student parent and what institutes of higher education can do to better support these learners.


Fostering Sustainable Broadband Development Across State Lines

Back in August, community groups, politicians, and tech companies gathered in Denver for the 2023 Mountain Summit. The event focused on realizing the goals of the federal Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) program and improving broadband access across the nation. A key takeaway from the conference: broadband development is an excellent opportunity to bridge political and geographic divides.


How Creative Commons Will Advance Open Licensing Understanding Within 25 California Community Colleges

Learn how Michelson Spark grants have supported training and education on Creative Commons licenses. The licenses enable much of the open resource content throughout academia, and increasing understanding of these tools ensures students will continue to benefit from open resource material.


Meet the 2023 Student Basic Needs Spark Community Advisors

Michelson 20MM recently selected the 2023 Spark Community Advisors (SCA). The group consists of students and advocates, who were chosen thanks to their commitment to helping students secure housing, tackle food insecurity, and meet the other basic needs people require to succeed in higher education.

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