Michelson Prizes – Next Generation Grants: Advancing Immunology and Vaccine Innovation

Join the Michelson Medical Research Foundation for a virtual award ceremony in collaboration with Keystone Symposia on March 24, 2023, at 8:00 AM PST to celebrate the recipients of the 2022 Michelson Prizes: Next Generation Grants.


ePanel Keystone Symposia 2023 - Michelson Prizes Next Generation Grants

This program features the recipients of the Michelson Prizes: Next Generation Grants, an international prize that supports early-career researchers who are applying disruptive concepts and inventive processes to advance human immunology, vaccine discovery, and immunotherapy research.

The prize is a collaboration between the Michelson Medical Research Foundation and the Human Immunome Project. Presented since 2018, the $150,000 research grants are awarded annually to encourage and support young investigators from a wide range of disciplines.

The 2022 Michelson Laureates are:

Artificial intelligence-based identification of microbes associated immune responses in cancer and immune diseases.

Mapping preexisting mucosal B cell specificities engaged by potential universal influenza vaccines.

Demonstration of new single-dose vaccine technology towards a first-in-man clinical application.

Engineering albumin-hitchhiking intranasal vaccines with enhanced transmucosal uptake to promote immunity.

Following greetings by Dr. Gary Michelson, founder and co-chair of Michelson Philanthropies and the Michelson Medical Research Foundation, and Dr. Wayne Koff, president and CEO of the Human Immunome Project, the recipients will present their award-winning research and participate in a Q&A with the audience.

Applications for the 2023 Michelson Prizes open on April 3.

For more information, visit https://www.michelsonmedicalresearch.org/michelson-prizes-next-generation and https://www.humanimmunomeproject.org/michelson-prizes/. #MichelsonPrizes