Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative: Monthly News Roundup – September 2023

Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative news

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September has been an active month for the Pet Inclusive Housing Initiative (PIHI). Thanks to the valuable input received from rental housing operators and ongoing tenant advocacy, PIHI continues to spread awareness about the benefits of pet-inclusive policies for rental properties. Check out some of the recent highlights below:


Choosing Your Battles on the ESA Front

PIHI’s Industry Principal Judy Bellack highlights the increasing number of tenant requests for emotional support animals and why allowing them may be the best route forward. Bellack argues that denying these pet requests only leads to more headaches for rental operators—and more tenants flouting the rules.


Embracing the Future: Why Rental Housing Operators Must Stay Informed of Legislative Trends Toward Inclusive Dog Ownership

Bellack looks at how legislation is shifting toward more pet-inclusive housing policies at both state and federal levels. Housing operators, Bellack writes, “would be wise to proactively modify their restrictive pet policies.”


Best Friends Animal Society and Michelson Found Animals Partner to Offer Resources to Increase Pet-Inclusive Housing

Best Friends Animal Society and Michelson Found Animals have been working together to advocate for more pet-inclusive housing. Whether through legislative action or educational resources, both organizations have been working to eliminate the barriers that separate people from their pets.


What’s the Score? Leveling Up the Rental Housing Pet Game

Judy Bellack is currently developing a scorecard system that will assist housing operators in assessing the true pet-inclusivity of their properties. This initiative addresses the issue where a home may be labeled as ‘pet-friendly,’ yet hidden fees, breed restrictions, and other policies can render the term meaningless for many renters.

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