LA Animal Services, Michelson Found Animals Foundation & the Chargers Impact Fund Combine Efforts to Provide Critical Spay and Neuter Surgeries for Shelter Pets

Los Angeles pet care providers will tackle a backlog of dogs and cats awaiting spay and neuter surgeries due to the pandemic and a nationwide shortage of veterinary staff.



Los Angeles pet care providers and other organizations are partnering with Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS), Michelson Found Animals Foundation, and the Los Angeles Chargers Impact Fund to provide spay and neuter surgeries to help get shelter pets into homes quicker.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations were forced to cut back or pause altogether spay and neuter services. Coupled with a nationwide shortage of veterinary staff, many U.S. animal shelters and rescue organizations have a backlog of pets awaiting spay and neuter surgeries.

“Our local animal shelters are full,” says Brett Yates, CEO of Michelson Found Animals Foundation. “There is a significant strain not only on the animals but also on the people that care for them. Leveraging our collective resources allows us to have an even greater impact, freeing up valuable kennel space in the process. We are so grateful to Robert and Erika Brunson for the work they continue to inspire.”

The Robert and Erika Brunson Spay & Neuter Fund at the Michelson Found Animals Foundation and the Chargers Impact Fund are underwriting this program. The Brunson Fund seeks to eradicate unnecessary euthanasia of companion animals through equal access to spay and neuter services, while promoting the joy of pet adoption to people everywhere.

“We are thankful for the veterinarians and supporting organizations who are helping these animals get home to their new families and free up shelter space.”

—Alexis Ruhl, Chargers Owner

“The Chargers Impact Fund is proud to partner with Michelson Found Animals to support spay and neuter efforts for LA City Animal Services,” said Alexis Ruhl, Chargers Owner & Special Advisor to the Chargers Impact Fund. “As a lifelong animal welfare advocate, I firmly believe that spay and neuter is critical to reducing the number of animals that end up in our local shelters. We are thankful for the veterinarians and supporting organizations who are helping these animals get home to their new families and free up shelter space—and we look forward to future opportunities to create an impact for animals in the LA region.”

The weeklong effort will target pets currently in the shelter that are awaiting spay and neuter services at four of the city’s Animal Service Centers. Participating providers are temporarily increasing their capacity with a goal of adding 100 incremental surgeries.

“We’re thankful to the Chargers Impact Fund, Michelson Found Animals Foundation, the Robert and Erika Brunson Spay & Neuter Fund, and all the organizations that came together for their support towards spay and neuter surgeries,” said Annette Ramirez, Interim General Manager for LA Animal Services. “These surgeries help to prevent unwanted pet births and reduce the number of stray pets who end up in our city shelters. Each animal that is sterilized helps create more life-saving space, making a huge difference for our six Animal Services Centers.”

Joining this effort are local providers of high-quality, high-volume spay and neuter services. They include Spay4LA, Spay Neuter Project of Los Angeles, Pet Orphans of Southern California, and Western University Spay and Neuter Center East Valley.

“We are honored to join other local providers to help shelter pets at LAAS and make a large dent in desperately needed services so adopted pets can go to their forever homes,” says Pam Wilkinson of Spay4LA.” It is a public/private partnership that leverages our community’s resources. Spay and neuter is an essential component to reducing shelter intake and saving more lives.”

Together, these groups and others provide spay and neuter resources and low-cost wellness services throughout Los Angeles.

To learn more about spay and neuter resources in the City of Los Angeles, please visit

Michelson Found Animals Foundation is a leading animal welfare non-profit that believes people and pets are better together. Funded by Dr. Gary Michelson and Alya Michelson, Found Animals operates a range of programs including community partnerships, catalytic grants, impact investments, and education and advocacy initiatives that share a common goal: to champion pets at every point they intersect with our society. Found Animals has helped more than 8 million pets since it was founded in 2005. Learn more at

LA Animal Services promotes and protects the health, safety, and welfare of animals and the people who love them, and is one of the largest municipal shelter systems in the United States. With six Centers across the City, LA Animal Services serves approximately 60,000 animals annually and responds to 20,000 emergency calls involving animals or people in danger. LA Animal Services is part of the Human Animal Support Services (HASS) international coalition, joining 38 municipal shelters and animal welfare organizations across the country to reimagine and transform the way shelters care for animals and their families, by offering access to resources to help keep families together; getting lost pets home quickly without having to enter the shelter system; providing food and medical assistance; and continuing to build on a strong adoption and foster program so pets find their permanent homes or are placed in foster care. Visit our link.tree for helpful links to the services and resources available to you and your companion animals. Connect with LA Animal Services and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

The Chargers Impact Fund is committed to helping families thrive in and around Southern California. Alex and Faye Spanos firmly believed that a solid family foundation was critical to success in life. That’s why in 1995 they created the Chargers Impact Fund to focus on improving the circumstances of families and their communities. Over the years, the Fund has awarded more than $12 million in direct community assistance, including more than $6 million to public schools for badly needed physical fitness, nutrition and athletic programs and equipment. Today, in partnership with Chargers fans, volunteers and donors, the Chargers Impact Fund continues to honor Alex and Faye’s legacy by helping to build strong support structures for youth, families, and their communities across Southern California. Learn more at

Sep 29, 2022 | Michelson Found Animals, News