From Immigrant to Entrepreneur: Lola Adeyemo’s Journey of Success

Lola Adeyemo Beautiful Journey Podcast

Welcome to Beautiful Journey, an inspirational podcast series presented by FirstGen, a Michelson Philanthropies initiative dedicated to uplifting immigrant women’s stories. By sharing these unique female immigrant stories, host Alya Michelson hopes to inspire and provide life-changing support that helps facilitate the journey to success.

In the second episode of Beautiful Journey, Alya is joined by Lola Adeyemo, the CEO & founder of EQIMindset. Lola embarked on a life-changing adventure from Nigeria to the United States to pursue a university degree. But her journey was about more than academics; it was a transformative experience that revealed unexpected lessons along the way.

Today, Lola is a visionary business leader dedicated to creating inclusive workplaces for people from all backgrounds. During her conversation with Alya, she shares her inspiring story of resilience and self-discovery, recounting the challenges she faced as an immigrant woman of color in a new land. Lola also offers valuable advice on overcoming adversity, navigating new cultures, and building a successful career in the US.
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