Michelson Philanthropies Donation Supports Event Tackling Period Poverty in Kenya

Michelson Philanthropies Donation Helps Huru International Fight Period Poverty on World AIDS Day

Michelson Philanthropies Donates to Huru International

In 2023, Michelson Philanthropies founder Dr. Gary Michelson and co-chair Alya Michelson donated $7,000 to Huru International, a charity dedicated to tackling period poverty in Kenya.

Defined by a lack of access to safe, sustainable sanitary products and education on menstrual health, period poverty causes over one million girls in Kenya to miss school every month. Through a range of initiatives, Huru International teaches girls how to safely manage their periods while empowering them to fight cultural stigma surrounding menstruation.

In recognition of World AIDS Day in December, Huru International held an event in Mukuru kwa Njenga, an informal settlement in Nairobi. Thanks to the Michelson’s donation and the support of local organizations, the charity provided Huru Kits—a bag containing reusable menstrual pads—to 400 girls, along with educational sessions about menstrual health and information on family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention and management.

The day was so successful that Huru decided to host an additional event, where a further 200 girls received Huru Kits and information on menstrual health.

“After attending Huru’s session, I want to help other girls feel empowered about their bodies and how to manage their periods,” said Bridget, a 13-year-old girl who attended the event.

“I plan to be ‘my sister’s keeper’ or someone safe that younger girls can turn to for information and support. Now when I get my period, I will no longer feel scared or worried about it.”

Neema, a 12-year-old who attended, said: “After Huru’s sessions, I feel prepared for when my period will come—I now have the knowledge about how to manage my periods and the confidence to share what I’ve learned with any friends who are less sure. Huru taught me about short- and long-term goals and dreams—whether that is to become a teacher, a pilot, or anything else.”

Ending period poverty will profoundly impact the health, education, and personal growth of countless women in Kenya and throughout Africa. The Michelsons are honored to support Huru International and its commitment to such vital work.

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