Voice of America: Journalist Ksenia Turkova’s Journey from Kyiv

Beautiful Journey Podcast: Ksenia Turkova

Welcome to Beautiful Journey, an inspirational podcast series presented by FirstGen, a Michelson Philanthropies initiative dedicated to uplifting immigrant women’s stories. By sharing these unique female immigrant stories, host Alya Michelson hopes to inspire and provide life-changing support that helps facilitate the journey to success.

In our season premiere, Alya welcomes Ksenia Turkova, a Voice of America journalist with over 20 years of experience in TV and radio. Join them as they journey back to their early days in Moscow, where they both served as journalists for different media outlets during a time of profound change and growth.

Get an insider’s view of Ksenia’s impactful radio work in Kyiv just before the Revolution of Dignity, a series of protests in Ukraine that unfolded from late 2013 to early 2014. Journey with Ksenia as she leaves Kyiv to further her journalistic career with Voice of America in the United States.

Alya and Ksenia compare the contrasting media landscapes of Russia, post-Soviet nations, and the United States. They shed light on immigrant journalists’ unique challenges and biases, providing a perspective rarely seen in mainstream media. Ksenia shares her unique viewpoint on observing the invasion of Ukraine from America and outlines the significant changes she’s noticed in Russian journalism over the past few years.

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